Meeting Minutes 2/9/2016

Date | time 2/9/2016 10:00 AM | Meeting called to order by Brandon Yoney

In Attendance
Brandon Yoney, Steve Kadrie, Donna Atherton, Lisa Jorissen, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Bill Smith, Melanie Eidsmoe, Jessica Mickelson

Approval of Minutes

Expo Update
• Brandon reported that the students indicated interest in nursing, IT, automotive, dental and culinary sessions.
• Committee discussed including the ESTR and DSP awards again this year. Melanie will send info out to committee members.

Expo Sub-Committee Update
• Will work on theme for next expo.
• Brandon will set up a time for sub-committee to tour space at M-State.

Fundraising Sub-Committee Update
• Bill reported CTIC has $5,005.68 in funds.
• The fundraising committee will be responsible for door prizes and food. Focus on getting larger grants then purchasing larger ticket items (I-Pod and theatre tickets for example) for the students vs. small door prizes.
• Jessica will check into options for selling candy bars in our offices as a fundraising option.
• Lisa will check on Gate City Bank community grant of $500.00 after letter has been revised and date of event locked down.

• Each committee will break into their own groups and meet individually or coordinate via email.

Next Meeting
• May 3rd at 10am at Moorhead High School-full committee meeting

Meeting Minutes 1/12/16

Community Transition Interagency Committee

Date | time 1/12/2016 10:00 AM | Meeting called to order by Brandon Yoney

In Attendance
Donna Atherton, Steve Kadrie, Becca Schaffer, Angie Dannewitz-Johnson, Brandon Yoney, Jessica Mickelson, Ladonna Korstad

Andy from MState

  • Create approx. 6 sessions that appeal to the majority of interested students
    • i.e. Life Skills lab, financial aid process, finances/budgeting, Job CORE Tenant
      Ed.,Vet Tech, Early Child Care, MAT bus
    • Do some presentation-type sessions with interaction and some hands-on to keep kids focused

Popular Courses/Degrees

  • auto service/diesel
  • plumbing/electric/HVAC
  • culinary
  • health professional, i.e. dental hygiene
  • liberal arts/general ed/business/sales & marketing
  •  IT
    • If there is a specialty degree that has a common interest, they may be able to arrange for a teacher to come from another campus.

Transportation Center

  • Will be open for the 2016 fall semester and would recommend that students interested in diesel/auto programs attend a session in the new center.


  • The Spartan Center offers:
    • 3 tutors + 5-12 peer tutors
    • Director of Disability Service
      • responsible for keeping documentation of individual student needs
    • all available by walk-in, no appointments needed


  • Catered by Subway, Papa John’s or Sysco through MSUM
  • Conference space would be used

Expo TO DO’s:
Date: Late October – 1 day
Audience: Offer to Clay county students only, grades 9-12+
Attendance: Plan for about 150 students to attend
Survey: Brandon will prepare a survey for teachers to give to students to get a feel for what sessions would be most popular. If all sessions can’t be provided, give the teachers resources on where the students can get more information on their area of interest.

Expo Committee
Will meet again with Andy after the next CTIC meeting.
Fundraising Committee
Will start a couple small fundraisers to bolster funds for lunch and door prizes and will be finalizing ideas at the February meeting.

Next Meeting
2/9/2016 10:00 AM, Moorhead High School

Meeting Minutes 12/8/15

CTIC Meeting Minutes
Date | time 12/8/2015 10:00 AM | Meeting called to order by Brandon Yoney

In Attendance
• Brandon Yoney, Steve Kadrie, Ladonna, Donna Atherton, Lindsay Flahave, Kaitlyn Dotson, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Schaffer, Melanie Eidsmoe, Jessica Mickelson

Approval of Minutes
• N/A

Expo Update
• Brandon contacted representatives from both M-State and MSUM. Both schools would be able to support the Expo and have space available.
• Kyle, with M-State, indicated that he would be able to provide classroom instruction from teachers and their students to focus on topics selected by the Expo sub- committee.
– Options would be culinary, mechanics, campus tour, dental care, etc.
– M-State does not have dining services so lunch would need to be catered in.
– Committee discussed potential space limitations as sessions would be held in a classroom and thought looking at only including juniors and seniors may be an option.
• MHS will set up an online registration for students interesting in attending the Expo. This will also allow for meal selection.

Expo Sub-Committee Update
• Donna Atherton & Rebecca Schaffer elected to be on the Expo Sub-Committee.

Fundraising Sub-Committee Update
• N/A

• Brandon will invite Kyle from M-State to the next CTIC Committee meeting to discuss options with the group. If January 12th doesn’t work for Kyle we will need to reschedule the meeting.

Next Meeting
• January 12th at 10am at Moorhead High School

Meeting Minutes 11/10/15


Date | time 11/10/2015 3:30 PM | Meeting called to order by Angie Dannewitz-Johnson

In Attendance
Brandon Yoney                Bill Smith                Jessica Mickleson         Jessa Thompson
Steve Kadrie               Lindsay Flahave          Jennifer Fitzpatrick    Angie Dannewitz-Johnson      Kaitlyn Dotson            Melanie Eidsmoe

Approval of Minutes

Member Appointments
Member roles were determined/verified as the following:

Chair – Brandon          Secretary – Angie

Vice Chair – Melanie   Treasurer – Bill

Roles are voluntary with at least 1 year of required time within that position.  Members may step down from current role after required time has been fulfilled.

Meeting Logistics
Recommendation to change time of meeting was heard from Brandon.  It was determined that going forward, CTIC will meet at 10:00am on the second Tuesday of each month.  Brandon will secure a space for the meeting to be held at the Moorhead High School before the next meeting.

Budget Items
The current budget is recorded as $5,005.68 as reported by Bill.  Last year’s Expo costs were estimated to be around $1,700.00 out of CTIC funds and could easily be recouped with small fundraisers throughout the year.  Options for additional grant dollars were discussed if needed to continue providing an Expo in future years such as Dakota Medical Foundation.  No formal grant documents were located by Melanie, Bill or Brandon.  Jessa also reported that the domain cost for the website will be increasing to $10.95/mo. starting in December.  The committee members agreed to this cost increase.

Brandon presented a suggestion for change in format of the Expo.

  • Breakout sessions would focus on skill-based presentations.
    • Home (basic home maintenance)
    • Auto (how to change a tire, check tire pressure etc)
    • Community (how to ride the bus received positive feedback from last year)
  • Possible split of days to include ND day and MN day.Jessica suggested the committee break into two groups; one to focus on the Expo and a second to focus on fundraising ideas. The committee members agreed and divided into the following groups:

Expo                                        Fundraising
Brandon                                       Lisa
Melanie                                         Jessica
Jennifer                                        Bill
Angie                                              Jessa
Steve                                            LaDonna

Committee Reports
Each sub-committee will report progress each month and via e-mail as needed between meetings.


Next Meeting
12/8/2015 10:00 AM, Moorhead High School; Room TBD

Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm.

2014 Expo Save the Date

This year’s expo will be on October 20th and 21st, held at MSUM.  The theme this year is “Dream, Believe, Achieve”.  There will be several fun and educational break out sessions throughout the day.

CTIC Meeting Minutes 4/8/14

Attendees: Allison Smith (CCRI), Jessa Thompson (CCRI), Lisa Jorissen (ALP), Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Connections), Donna Atherton (ARC), Bill Smith (Access), and Judy Wollin (MHS)

 Website update

The meeting started by Jessa giving an update on the CTIC website.  Jessa explained she had posted a volunteer request through First Link but had not heard a response.  She was going to post on dragon jobs on the MSUM website, but never posted because wanted to post mission statement and was not sure what it was.  Jessa decided to look up information on how to create a website and started to make one on her own.  She said she was willing to pay for the first month as it was just to get it started, but if CTIC would like to continue using the website, it would cost $9 per month or $108 per year.  There is also an additional yearly hosting fee of $15.  Jessa showed the website at  The group agreed to continue using this website.  Jessa stated the website had not been submitted to google yet and cannot be searched but she had located instructions on how to do it for free. (Note: It now can be searched for in google).  Jessa asked for ideas on things to include in the navigation bar and pictures.  If anyone has anything they would like to see included in the website, please email to


Gala update

Allison said the flyers were sent out for people to nominate for the ESTR and Support Staff award.  Nominations are due by April 18th. Flyers were also sent out for the Gala event.  Food has been picked out for the event.  Next step is to start working on getting baskets for the silent auction.


Student Expo update

Judy reviewed the tentative schedule the subcommittee has been discussing.  They would like to do 4 breakout sessions.  Each session would be 35-40 minutes long.  There will also be an opening and closing of some kind.  The plan is to have lunch served in 3 shifts. They are just starting to contact people about leading a session or having a vendor booth.  If anyone has suggestions on topics let Judy know.

The next CTIC meeting is May13th at 3:30pm at the Moorhead High School.

Nominations needed by April 18th for ESTR award and Support Professional Award

Sixth Annual

ESTR Award and Support Professional Award:  Request for nominations

Here is your opportunity to recognize a coworker or colleague for their work in the field of transition.  Please take time to think about someone you know who has been instrumental in ensuring youth with Individual Education Plans are equipped to successfully transition from high school to adulthood.

 In addition this year we will be accepting nominations for the 1st annual Support Professional Award.  This is your opportunity to recognize a direct support professional, paraprofessional or other support professionals who have shown outstanding service to people with disabilities.

The committee will be accepting the first seven nominations sent in.  These individuals will all be honored on Friday, May 30th, 2014 at the ESTR Award Banquet and Transition Gala.  The winner of the ESTR Award will be announced that evening.  This really is a very special event – one they will never forget.  The event is being held this year at the Doublewood Inn.  There will be a dinner, program, and silent auction.  Complementary tickets are given to the award nominee and a guest to attend.

In your letter of nomination please include

1)      Examples of how the nominee has enhanced the “quality of life” of persons with disabilities, or

2)      Examples of how the nominee has worked toward “systems change” in serving transition age youth with disabilities, or

3)      Examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond to provide quality services, or

4)      Description of how the nominee has supported persons with disabilities in their successful transition from student life to adult life.


Must be received by

April 18, 2014

E-mail your nominations to Melanie King:

After submitting a nomination, be sure you receive a response from Melanie, within one business day, to assure your nomination was received.



CTIC meeting minutes 3/11/14

CTIC Meeting Agenda


1.  Introductions

Donna Atherton, Allison Smith, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Judy Wollin, Kristi Aldana, Melanie King, and Jessa Thompson

2.  CTIC Website:   Ricki T. paid a webmaster to register a domain and build website but nobody ever told him what to build. This was never renewed so it no longer exists.

Jessa reviewed options of how to get help to get help with building a website.  There is a group of students from MSUM. The instructor’s name is Jody Mattern. The group is called flypaper projects. They take on new projects every semester. You could contact her for next year. The cost is $150.

Other suggestions of places to contact for help with the website were Volunteer Centers at the colleges, and First Link.  It was also suggested to contact IT departments and instructors at the schools to see if students could do it as a project.

3.Gala Update

a. Date changed to May 30th due to Fargo Marathon

The nomination request letter will be attached to the meeting minutes when they are sent out.  Please disperse the nomination request letter to anyone in your agency so nominations can be submitted.


4.  Student Expo update:  Dates are October 20-21, 2014

They met and talked about how they wanted to structure the expo.  They talked about having agency booths and using breakout time to be able to go look at the booths.  If your agency would like to be part of the booths, contact Judy Wollin.

Talked about having 2 lunch times.

They are still looking for a theme, so if anyone has suggestions let them know.

Talked about charging $2 a student to attend

There was a discussion on having a “keynote” or not.  Debated whether it makes a difference for attendance or not?

5. Other

Next meeting is April 8th at 3:30pm at the Moorhead High School